We'll diagnose and fix your phone or PC!


Computers are an essential part of our daily lives, they have directly or indirectly influenced our life by a great deal, but now we cannot even think about surviving without computers because we are now totally dependent on them in some way. Everything is fine, once they work. But what if they breake? Viruses, decrease in speed or just accidentally spill your coffee on them. We recover your machines back to working order and sometimes even better than what they were previously.

Mobile phones

Mobile phone technology grows rapidly. Now instead of snake game in your old Nokia device, you have fully functional multi-core pocket computer, with touch screen, multiple sensors, internet access, gps and more. They are fragile also, mostly not waterproof or dustproof, so they simply get broken. If you cannot afford buy a new phone, just call to us, then we will help you to get back to business


We also sell essential accessories, refurbished mobile phones and laptops, special needs phones or toughest ones and more.... Check our website or just come to one of our shops.

Our Services

  • Computers
    We love what we do, which means we love challenges. Have a computer problem small or big? Need ask simple or complicated question? We're here to help you!
  • Tablets
    Your iPad has screen broken? Your Galaxy Tab not charging? Your software is corrupted? You are in right place.
  • Data recovery
    Accidentally deleted pictures of your loved ones or from your trip around the world? Just give us a call or message.
  • Laptops
    Do you wait for your laptop 20 minutes, before you can open web browser? Is you house getting warmer once you use your machine? Did you break your screen because your favorite team lost the game? Let us know.
  • Mobile phones
    It's hard to live without the phone even one day. We could provide loan phone for you, while your device is on operating table. We try to do our job as quick as possible, most of repairs done in hours. We don't wipe your data! iPhone repair is the crucial task but our experts handle it quite efficiently, so connect with us for your every iPhone Repair requirement in Youghal and Waterford.
  • Network
    Are you offline for some reason? Cannot open facebook page? Your 4g works like 28.8k modem? Your home network doesn't exist? Or maybe you just need advice?