Battery replacement

Many persons we deal with on a daily basis are charging their battery incorrectly. Most common mistakes are charging over the night or charging a little bit here and a little bit there. The best way of charging your battery is to charge full cycle from the beginning to the end. It is important to keep in mind that the batteries have limited number of charging cycles. Usually depending on the battery type it is 500 of full charging cycles.

e-Doctor Treats All Battery Related Issues Of Expensive Handset

No one can ever deny prominence of iPhones in their life. This reformed device has sorted our life to a great extent. However, what if your iPhone starts acting differently from its normal behavior. Many times your carelessness results in this type of functional disorder.

e-Doctor is operational at Dungarvan and Youghal and have an array of batteries of different handsets which are famous in current time. Therefore instead of consoling for this damage contact us. We have a quick solution to all your Phone battery replacement problems.

What we have

  • Quick response to every customer’s query
  • Assures quality and genuine battery replacement
  • The free device checks up and no charges for the minor repair.
  • Price List is available on the website; check the referred service according to your requirement.

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