Screen replacement

Phone or computer screen are both very fragile elements that can easily get damaged. This can be caused by various factors, like for example mechanical damage. Lets say your dog knocked your laptop off the table or you dropped your precious iPhone while rushing to work.
Other screen problems are caused by damaging motherboard or connectors by overheating, exposure to liquid that gets into delicate parts or finally the age of the device.

e-Doctor Strives To Offer Perfect Look To Your Mobile

The smashing of the mobile screen is a common issue which occurs in the smartphones. When a person accidentally drops his beloved tablet or phone his heart shattered more than cracks occur on the screen. But, don't worry e-Doctor is here at Dungarvan and Youghal and save you and your dear device from being broken.

Chin up, it is bad but not that disastrous that you think. Now you have an alternative, at e-doctor, we have professional supports that don't let our customers down.

What we offer

  • Profound analysis of the problem before Phone screen replacement
  • Connectivity test to determine status of the device
  • Our replaced screen is smooth like the original one.
  • Experienced hands to handle your sophisticated yet expensive device

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