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Phone or computer screen are both very fragile elements that can easily get damaged. This can be caused by various factors, like for example mechanical damage. Lets say your dog knocked your laptop off the table or you dropped your precious iPhone while rushing to work.
Other screen problems are caused by damaging motherboard or connectors by overheating, exposure to liquid that gets into delicate parts or finally the age of the device.

e-Doctor Strives To Offer Perfect Look To Your Mobile

The smashing of the mobile screen is a common issue which occurs in the smartphones. When a person accidentally drops his beloved tablet or phone his heart shattered more than cracks occur on the screen. But, don't worry e-Doctor is here at Dungarvan and Youghal and save you and your dear device from being broken.

Chin up, it is bad but not that disastrous that you think. Now you have an alternative, at e-doctor, we have professional supports that don't let our customers down.

What we offer

  • Profound analysis of the problem before Phone screen replacement
  • Connectivity test to determine status of the device
  • Our replaced screen is smooth like the original one.
  • Experienced hands to handle your sophisticated yet expensive device
The most common cause of no charging or charging problems are port or charger damage. First step is to check if you can work with different charger. If charging problem continues or equipment is charging only in certain position of the cable, the resolution is to replace the charging port. About 10% cases of charging problem are caused by motherboard damage. In that case the further diagnostics are required and we are happy to assist.

All liquids getting inside your electrical devices are like cancer to them. Corrosion directly speaking 'eats' the elements of your device. In case of flooding your computer or phone with liquid the first step is to remove the battery (if possible) as soon as you can and run to the nearest service (if possible). Every second matters.

Never put your phone to rice: it's a myth!

Motherboard and all elements attached are the brain of your computer. There are from few hundred up to few thousands elements that can get damaged on the motherboard - due to factors like age, temperature or mechanical damage. Diagnostics and repair of the motherboard are the most challenging elements of our work.

No sound situation can be caused by dirt or dust getting stuck in the loudspeaker or microphone holes, damage caused by liquid or mechanical damage. We are happy to help and this should be easy to resolve.

Buttons have only certain life expectancy. If you are using your phone everyday do a little experiment and try to count how many times you press the 'home' button daily. Then multiply the number by 365 and the multiplication result is going to be massive number. Also, the buttons are exposed to all the external factors like dust and humidity.

Many persons we deal with on a daily basis are charging their battery incorrectly. Most common mistakes are charging over the night or charging a little bit here and a little bit there. The best way of charging your battery is to charge full cycle from the beginning to the end. It is important to keep in mind that the batteries have limited number of charging cycles. Usually depending on the battery type it is 500 of full charging cycles.

e-Doctor Treats All Battery Related Issues Of Expensive Handset

No one can ever deny prominence of iPhones in their life. This reformed device has sorted our life to a great extent. However, what if your iPhone starts acting differently from its normal behavior. Many times your carelessness results in this type of functional disorder.

e-Doctor is operational at Dungarvan and Youghal and have an array of batteries of different handsets which are famous in current time. Therefore instead of consoling for this damage contact us. We have a quick solution to all your Phone battery replacement problems.

What we have

  • Quick response to every customer’s query
  • Assures quality and genuine battery replacement
  • The free device checks up and no charges for the minor repair.
  • Price List is available on the website; check the referred service according to your requirement.

Nowadays majority of data is being transferred wireless. If you live in the place with weak network coverage we can help. In our store we have one of the strongest antennas for receiving and transferring the wireless internet and effectively strengthening the signal. We can also help to expand and strengthen the WiFi access within your home.

Everyday we have clients coming to us in distress: they lost their data due to accidental removal of physical damage of the equipment. In some cases it is possible to recover the data.

To prevent data loss ALWAYS do back up. People divide into two groups: those who do backups and those who are not doing back ups just yet.

Your computer is not showing sing of activity and you have an important data stored in it? You just purchased a new phone but your contact list is missing? You want to do a back up of your photos from your computer or phone? Visit us or call.


e-Doctor- Takes No Time In Analyzing Problem Of Mobile Phone

Technological advancement leads us to a way where our devices are getting smaller day by day. Today smartphones are giving sturdy competition to desktops and laptops. When an iPhone has potential to meet your expectation then why a person would make space for a bulky machine like the computer. Modern mobile devices connect the world, but on the same time, stop the world when iPhone starts flaunting some symbols of problem.

At Youghal, e-Doctor is specialized in mobile phone repairs as we don't think a small issue like the broken battery or shattered screen has right to spoil your day.

What we have for you

  • Free diagnosis of the device to locate the root of the problem
  • LCD replacement, device clean up and water damage diagnostic service are offered by our professionals.
  • The affordable price of service is our guarantee.
  • Quick repair of the device within a day.
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