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Phone or computer screen are both very fragile elements that can easily get damaged. This can be caused by various factors, like for example mechanical damage. Lets say your dog knocked your laptop off the table or you dropped your precious iPhone while rushing to work.
Other screen problems are caused by damaging motherboard or connectors by overheating, exposure to liquid that gets into delicate parts or finally the age of the device.
There is nothing worse than computer of the speed of a snail or a turtle. Most frequently, the reason behind this are viruses, pushy adverts, overheating, device memory overload and hard drive damage.

At e-Doctor we are happy to do diagnostics free of charge. Feel free to drop your equipment and we are going to advise what to do to bring your electronic device back to working order.

Technology progresses all the time, so sometimes most recommended action is the upgrade of the memory, processor, hard drive or other elements to bring all programs back to smooth operation.

In the world there are over 400 millions of the existing viruses. More than 1/3 of computers are infected. There are many types of viruses. The worst are those stealing your credit card number and blocking the access to your photos folder on your PC. It is extremely important to have updated antivirus and scanning your computer regularly.

Yet, despite having even the best antivirus protection there is still a realistic risk of virus infection. Be aware of free movies websites, suspicious e-mails and many other unknown sources.

Motherboard and all elements attached are the brain of your computer. There are from few hundred up to few thousands elements that can get damaged on the motherboard - due to factors like age, temperature or mechanical damage. Diagnostics and repair of the motherboard are the most challenging elements of our work.
The most common cause of no charging or charging problems are port or charger damage. First step is to check if you can work with different charger. If charging problem continues or equipment is charging only in certain position of the cable, the resolution is to replace the charging port. About 10% cases of charging problems are caused by motherboard damage. In that case the further diagnostics are required and we are happy to assist.
Everyday we have clients coming to us in distress: they lost their data due to accidental removal of physical damage of the equipment. In some cases it is possible to recover the data.

To prevent data loss ALWAYS do back up. People divide into two groups: those who do backups and those who are not doing back ups just yet.

Your computer is not showing sing of activity and you have an important data stored in it? You just purchased a new phone but your contact list is missing? You want to do a back up of your photos from your computer or phone? Visit us or call.

Operating system is a program that 'tells' and guides the device what to do. If we would compare a computer to human being, the operational system would be like a human psyche. Sometimes it does give troubles and stops operating smoothly: sometimes because of the work overload, sometimes being filled up with useless information or viruses. The best solution is to reinstall the entire system and your computer will be like new. Would be great if you could do the same with our minds, but with constant technology progress who knows-anything can be possible.
Taking under consideration the fact that technology is everywhere, we are forced to have some basic knowledge about it whether we want it or not. If you have a problem with your computer of phone just call, text or e-mail us and we are going to do our best to help.

We are happy to do all diagnostics free of charge.


e-Doctor -Finite Place To Meet All Your Repair Needs

Tired of searching a reliable computer and laptop repair service around your frame? Though laptops and computers are not less than a godsend that potentially freaks you out when it stops working. A standstill feeling like this kills your intention of completing work in next one or two hours.

At e-Doctor, we leave no stone unturned to fix your computer or laptop as soon as possible. Our professionals have expertise in handling all sorts of Computer repairs or laptop repairs issues straight from screen replacement, data recovery, slow computer, software upgrade, virus removal and motherboard repairs.

What we offer:-

  • Instant onsite and remote support for our customers
  • Make payment after you get satisfied from our service.
  • Probably the best service in Dungarvan, Carrick-On-Suir and Youghal in such a competitive price.
  • Certified technicians to fix your desktop/laptop issues
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